15th Korean Music Awards анонсировали список номинантов


В этом году Korean Music Awards раскрыли список номинантов!

6 февраля состоялась пресс-конференция, на которой были объявлены номинации и номинанты для 15th Korean Music Awards. Korean Music Awards фокусируется на альбомах и песнях больше, чем на исполнителях, и музыкальные достижения рассматриваются более детально, чем продажи. Премия показывает, цели выйти за пределы мейнстрима.

Номинантами этого года являются:

Album of the Year

Кан Тэ Гю – “bleu”
The Black Skirts – “Team Baby”
Ким Мок Ин – “A Day in the Life of Mr. X”
IU – “Palette”
Hyukoh – “23”

Song of the Year

Red Velvet – “Red Flavor”
IU – “Through the Night”
У Вон Джэ – “We Are” (Feat. Loco and Gray)
Hyukoh – “Tomboy”

Artist of the Year

Ким Мок Ин

Rookie of the Year

Rad Museum
Light and Noise
Се Со Ин
Шин Хе Гён
У Вон Джэ

Best Pop Album

Red Velvet – “Perfect Velvet”
BTS – “Love Yourself: Her”
IU – “Palette”
Ли Джи А – “Random”
Тэмин – “Move”
Тэён – “My Voice”

Best Pop Song

NCT 127 – “Cherry Bomb”
Red Velvet – “Red Flavor”
Sunmi – “Gashina”
IU – “Through the Night”

Best Rock Album

Lowdown 30 – “B”
Raw by Peppers – “Cosmos”
Magna Fall – “Mad Metropolis”
Se So Neon – “Summer Plumage”
Light and Noise – “Irregular”

Best Rock Song

ABTB – “Free Rider”
Grancale – “Treadmill”
Light and Noise – “Mudang”
Se So Neon – “The Wave”
Asian Chairshot – “Mountain, Bird and Me”

Best Modern Rock Album

3rd Line Butterfly – “Divided by Zero”
The Black Skirts – “Team Baby”
In The Endless Zanhyang We Are – “Inevitability Under Consecutive Coincidence”
Sister’s Barbershop – “People Who Stay Alone”
Hyukoh – “23”

Best Modern Rock Song

ADOY – “Grace”
Jaemyoung Doe – “Under the Sign of Saturn”
Shin Hae Gyeong – “Everything to Me”
Sister’s Barbershop – “People Who Stay Alone”
Hyukoh – “Tomboy”

Best Metal and Hardcore Album

End These Days – “Ambivalence”
Kim Jaeha – “Into Ashes”
Abyss – “Recrowned”
PAKK – “Salpuri”

Best Dance and Electronic Album

Mojave – “Something the Braun Tube Left Us”
SOWALL – “Favorite”
Idiotape – “Dystopian”
Yeseo – “Million Things”

Best Dance and Electronic Song

Locked On – “Say Yeah”
Raiden – “Heart of Steel”
CIFIKA – “My Ego”
Yeseo – “Silhouette”
Idiotape – “Dystopian”

Best Rap and Hip Hop Album

Kim Ximya X D. Sanders – “Moonshine”
Legit Goons – “Junk Drunk Love”
VIANN x KHUNDI PANDA – “Reconstruction”
Chaboom – “Sour”
Fana – “Fanaconda”

Best Rap and Hip Hop Song

Jazzyfact – “Harujongil”
Kim Ximya – “Career High” (Feat. Cautious Clay”
Chaboom – “Ribbaddong”
Fana – “Power”
Woo Won Jae – “We Are” (Feat. Loco and Gray)

Best R&B and Soul Album

Rad Museum – “Scene”
Rico – “White Light Panorama”
Minje – “Now”
offonoff – “boy.”
Hippy was Gipsy – “Tree”

Best R&B and Soul Song

Horim – “TEMP-TON”
PEEJAY – “Na B Ya” (Feat. Zion.T)
Rico – “Paradise”
Samuel Seo – “Off You”
offonoff – “gold”
Hippy was Gipsy – “Dot”

Best Folk Album

Кан Тэ Гю – “bleu”
Ким Мок Ин – “A Day in the Life of Mr. X”
Doma – “Drifting to an Island for Reason I Don’t Know”
Dhani Song – “Songs for an Afterlife”
Jeongmilla – “Galaxy”
Gonne Choi – “Nomad Syndrome”

Best Folk Song

Kang Taegu – “bleu”
Kim Mok In – “Walking”
Kim Mok In x Siwa x Hwang Puha – “Let’s Go Home”
Doma – “Is this Love”
Jeongmilla – “Star”
Gonne Choi – “Highlander”

Best Jazz Album

JOONSAM – “A Door”
Youn Sun Nah – “She Moves On”
Seo Young Do Electric Ensemble – “The Hazy World”
Sunny Kim & Ben Monder – “The Dream of the Earth”
Lee Jiyeun Contemporary Jazz Orchestra – “Feather, Dream Drop”

Best Crossover Album

11 – “Transparent Music”
DoYeon Kim & Chase Morrin – “GaPi”
Ajaeng Ensemble – “Bow+ing”
Lee Heemoon & Prelude – “A Korean Man”
Han Seung Seok & Jung Jaeil – “And There, The Sea At Last”

Best Jazz and Crossover Performance

JOONSAM – “A Door”
Kim Chul Soo & Oh Jin Won – “a:”
Myungsup Shin Group – “Circular Dilemma”
Choi Sung Ho Singularity – “Different Is Different From Wrong”
Hogyu Hwang – “Straight, No Chaser